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Here ye, here ye!

Let it be known.

Winter King reigns no more. 

Spring Queen now proclaims these lands.

With promises to rule with thunder and rainbows. 

Open the windows! 

The Sun is the Queen’s trusted advisor. 

‘Tis declared – the trees to bud.

The flowers to bloom.

Days to be longer.

Spring Queen oversees Princess Pollen busy in the gardens. 

She’s preparing warm gentle breezes with surprising sneezes.

Summoning all adoring subjects!

Bup Pa Da DAH!

Spring Queen! A glory to be seen!


Refreshments for everyone!

But, hark!

Lady Summer approaches from the distance.

Not so fast, dear lady. 

Wait your turn.

Your Majesty, call in the thunderclouds. 

For Spring Queen shall have her appointed time to reign.

Queen Gold GIF by Kaylee Pinecone - Find & Share on GIPHY


Many thanks to Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara for the #springfling contest.

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