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Thank you to Susanna Hill for this Halloween challenge!


By Catherine Catcho

(100 Words)

Tonight this is not a merry-go-round.

On Halloween, it’s renamed the scary-go-round.

The difference? Look around. We have to scare away some frights. 

Hop on.  

The metal is cold, and the hinges creak.

Hold on tight;

with your gourds full of goodies and glow-in-the-dark gear.

How fast shall we spin?  

Ha! Don’t worry. 

Blame your goosebumps on the wind. 

Howl loudly enough to keep the wolves at bay. 

Fling your candy to the hungry trolls.

Swirl your lights to spook the vampires.

What? Who am I? 

A ghost! 

Ooo! And now we’re screaming!

We’re oh so merry on this scary-go-round.

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