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By Catherine Catcho (200 WORDS)

The pumpkin patch loved when the ghosts came out to play.

They lifted their leaves to get tickled.

They hid them inside their orange shells.



“Such fun,” they thought. “We want to boo, too!” 

It was time, the farmer agreed.

They cut their stems.

They washed off the dirt.

But –

“BMMMmMMmM!” [llus: Pumpkins shake, but wildlife ignores them.] 

Oh, no. That wasn’t a BOO! 

Along came two furry trolls who sensed their wish. [llus: dogs] 

They were picked! 

They were ready to go! 

But –

BUMP! Thunk! [llus: in car with dogs.] 

Oof. That wasn’t a BOO!

Finally! This coven of witches looked like they knew what to do. [llus: carving party]

They split open. 

They spilled out their guts. 

But – 


Ew. That wasn’t a BOO! 

[Illus: Ifrit = candle] An ifrit appeared and promised their boos would soon shine bright! 

They lit up with joy. 

They felt warm and toasty.


B-O-O! [Illus: Pumpkins spell Boo!]

BAH! Nobody heard them! Or even looked scared!

Days later, the ghosts drew near them again. 

They deflated in embarrassment.

They stank with despair.

But – 

AHHH! [Illus: Rotten pumpkins scare the ghosts]

Ha-ha! Oh, yes! They found something better than a boo!

Halloween- Credit: Selina Wing for Bing

Many thanks to Kaitlyn, Alyssa and Lydia for the excuse to take a break from our wordy projects for a seasonal brainstorm – RE: Fall Writing Frenzy.

2 thoughts on “PUMPKINS WANT TO BOO, TOO!”

  1. Why, oh why, do we always want what we don’t have? Even pumpkins have carvings…uh, I mean cravings! Who knew? Good luck to you in this most fantastic contest of the year.

    @mowrex (Twitter)

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