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Little White Wolfing Hood

Written for the #FallWritingFrenzy.


By Catherine Catcho

Little White Wolfing Hood isn’t an ordinary wolf. His shaggy, long fur hoods his face and reflects the moonlight. 

Each night, Little White Wolfing Hood howls at the Moon, asking it to visit. 

“Drop down and play with me!” 

The Moon only smiles. 

The following night, the Moon appears to grant his wish. 

Moon must be playing hide-and-seek.  

Ah, ha! Little White Wolfing Hood sees the light on the highest cliff.  

On his way, he meets a girl. 

“Where are you going, Wolf?”

“To visit the Moon.” 

He starts the long climb.   

And the girl, smirking, takes a shortcut. 

At the top, the Moon waits for him, billowing behind a tented sheet.

“How low you shine, Moon,”

“All the better to see you with.” 

“How bright you shine, Moon.”

“All the better to comfort you with.”

“How talkative you are, Moon.”

“All the better to…


The girl jumps out from behind a tree. Yips echo and the wolf pack arrives.

“HELP!” cries Little White Wolfing Hood to his pack.

“Can you pretend to be the moon aliens for us?” 

Around the visiting moon, they howl happily.

“One small drop for Moon, one giant leap for forest kind.”

6 thoughts on “Little White Wolfing Hood”

  1. Cute fractured fairytail! 🙂 Clever writing, Catherine. Best of luck to you in the Frenzy! –Melisa Wrex @mowrex (Twitter)

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