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Elephant Cake

Many thanks to Amy and Gennie for hosting this birthday party.

Elephant Cake

100 Words | Catherine Catcho

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: your birthday cake. 

We sang. 

You wished. 

Now we have a life-sized elephant to eat. 

What conundrum? 

Show how to enjoy this half-ton crumb by crumb! 

Step 1: Shoes off! You’ll need this ladder and utensil bag.  

Step 2: SQUISH. Dig your fingers in and grab hold. 

Step 3: Taste test! Mmmm. Buttercream. 

Step 4: Slide down. Roll the cake to the zoo. 

Step 5: Delegate the monkeys to spread the word. And the big cats to slice & serve. 

Step 6. Hang out and hug the real elephants. (For they are disturbed.)

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