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Many thanks to Vivian Kirkfield for hosting #50PreciousWords! LEFTOVER CRANBERRIES | By Catherine Catcho | 48 Words Bitter Cranberries. LEFT IN the bag.  LEFT OUT of the sauce.  How will they join?  Too sour for… Read More »LEFTOVER CRANBERRIES

Elephant Cake

Many thanks to Amy and Gennie for hosting this birthday party. Elephant Cake 100 Words | Catherine Catcho Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: your birthday cake.  We sang.  You wished.  Now we… Read More »Elephant Cake


Thank you to Susanna Hill for this Halloween challenge! SCARY-GO-ROUND By Catherine Catcho (100 Words) Tonight this is not a merry-go-round. On Halloween, it’s renamed the scary-go-round. The difference? Look around. We have to scare… Read More »SCARY-GO-ROUND

Early Contests

TBH, I should have started earlier… But there is no time like today, right? Here are a couple of contests I submitted to in early 2021. #50PRECIOUSWORDS 2021 CUPCAKE WANTS SPACE PLEASE!  By Catherine Catcho… Read More »Early Contests